Collagen Implants

Hylaform, Hylaform Plus, Captique, Zyderm, CosmoDerm, CosmoPlast.

Collagen implants are fast safe, non-surgical way to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Specifically, you can smooth facial lines, wrinkles, and scars, and it is also used to increase the size of small lips: eliminate the lines around the borders of the lips, acne scarring and acne pits.

As we age, the collagen fibers, which are woven together like threads in fabric (forming a framework in which new cells can grow), starts to weaken. Our bodies' collagen provides natural texture, resiliency, and shape. As we grow older, we also start to lose collagen.

When a physician injects a small amount of collagen directly into areas where the body's own collagen has been weaken, depressions can be raised to the level of the surrounding skin. Therefore, lines and scars can be minimized and texture improved, and the skin has a softer and more even tone. It is also good for correcting certain kinds of shallow scars.

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